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About is The UK’s no 1 provider for Office Photocopiers, Office Printers, Managed Print Solutions and Multifunctional Devices  that copy, print, scan, fax and connect to cloud services|  E-tailer |  Retailer specialising in the implementation of these devices, delivering significant cost savings whilst increasing productivity for printing, scanning, copying and cloud connectivity within any business environment. It’s time that service providers in the digital imaging industry, particularly in managed print services, to reduce complexity and make it easier to procure these type of products and solutions online for business. Our platform will facilitate a reduction in time spent for decision makers in assessing their requirement for office photocopiers, printers and MFD’s easing the burden, as you are able to access all the information you need to help choose the perfect product for your organisation. can provide a comprehensive print solution for every type of business in just a few clicks, through a lease and service agreement or through our single Print Plan agreement that is inclusive of both lease rental and support maintenance, without enduring lengthy visits or dialogue. We do not employee a commission structure through sales teams, only professionals in every area of the business under an account managed architecture. We are acutely focused on increasing value to our customers, so there will never be inflated margins applied to products and services.

Why use

  • Set up to streamline the buying process of photocopiers, printers, managed print solutions and multifunctional devices for the office environment.
  • Created through industry professionals with extensive experience and expertise over many years.
  • To provide a platform that simplifies the process with a single agreement that encompasses both the lease rental of the device and the maintenance agreement
  • Provide the very highest levels of service support throughout the term of any agreement
  • Independent to choose the very best products within the industry to suit all requirements and budget
  • No commission-based sales team therefore always competitive on price
  • When investing in office digital print production equipment, you have a lot to consider. As a buyer you have the important task of evaluating the masses of information to find what you’re looking for. Our specially designed configurator makes it quick and easy to filter through and find the perfect printer for your business. In addition to this our team are always on hand to talk to you or visit if you have any questions that cannot be satisfied through our platform.

The team are highly experienced senior business professionals/collaborators from all aspect’s of sales/marketing/service within the digital imaging industry. Our expertise has allowed us to provide an intuitive platform providing products and solutions from industry leading manufacturers, such as Canon, for any office environment, small, medium or large.

Our vision at for sustainability and the environment

Our vision is to provide a sustainable environmental strategy through practice and education to reduce, as much as we can, the impact that we have. For example, in City areas such as London, Birmingham and Manchester, we will utilise the public transport infrastructure for site visits by our account managers and technical support staff where we are able to.

We will use available technology such as Microsoft Teams to communicate and utilise remote monitoring tools for diagnostics and remedies through our support desk. Holding more stock, such as consumables, parts and toners, at express city locations for easy collection will further enhance our ability in reducing the carbon footprint from logistics, whilst also strengthening our service delivery response times to our customers.

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