FAQ’s About buyMFD.com 

Our mission is reduce the complexity and the amount of products that are available by meticulously hand selecting the very best products in the market. buyMFD.com will provide you with a small subset of industry leading and award-winning multifunctional devices to facilitate and ease the buying process of office MFD’s for business.

Our Configurator is here to help you choose the best product for your business. To use simply click “CONFIGURATOR” on home page, select an industry or “any other sector” if not listed, scroll down and answer three quick questions. Based upon these questions a product or products will be recommended for you to view.

Our standard lease agreement is accompanied with our service agreement.
Our lease agreement is for a fixed term however if you did want to upgrade your product/s before the end of term we are able to facilitate this for you. As standard we offer a 3 and 5 year lease, as they are requested most frequently, however the lease can be amended accordingly if you have a preference for a different length of term.
Our service agreement has NO minimum amount of prints applied therefore you simply pay for what you use!

It is a single customer agreement that includes both the lease rental and maintenance support element. It is calculated upon a fixed cost per copy amount that forms the lease cost and a set amount of copies/prints per payment period. ALL parts, labour, toners and consumables are covered and this may be a great option for those that prefer one single agreement. The amount of inclusive copies can be adjusted up or down, depending on volumes, therefore can be optimised for any size business.

We can certainly help, please contact us to arrange for one of our contract professionals who will guide you through the process clearly and concisely.

Yes, simply complete a contact form, or call us direct, and one of our professionals will provide you with a purchase outright cost.

Each chosen multifunctional device will be accompanied with a specification sheet that will give detailed information for you with images. If you wish to see video of a particular product please visit our YouTube channel.

As an independent service provider we pride ourselves on only given impartial advice therefore we only recommend the very best award winning products from leading manufacturers in the digital imaging industry.

Please complete our contact form detailing the specific model number or print software solution, with any additional information that may assist us, and we will forward a proposal to you.

Through our contact page form where our team will respond extremely promptly or simply call us.